Cooperation - Marek Belka
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source: Agnieszka Deluga-Góra/NBP


If you’re interested in presentations and lectures of prof. Marek Belka on, among others, macroeconomics, banking and international finance (in Polish or English), do not hesitate to get in touch.

Sample topics:

  • “Polish economy – current status and perspectives”
  • “Global economy – What will be the flashpoints leading to the next crisis?”
  • “EURO in Poland – arguments for and against its introduction”
  • “The future of the European Union from the point of view of an economist”
  • “The banking system of Poland in comparison to Europe and the world “
  • “Regulations of the banking and financial system after the crisis 2008-2009”
  • “Polish entrepreneur in Poland and the unstable world”
  • “Regulatory regime of the financial sector – response to the Global Financial Sector of 2008. What have we learned from the crisis?”